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Here Stands The Stronger Man

Josh McPherson | May 22, 2022
Reading time: about 4 minutes
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Eyes search, desperate for valor and grit
As cities burn and justice fails
As tyranny rises and corruption sails
Unhindered ahead, as if to say...
"Here we are and here we stay
To pervert and steal a generation away
Into the abyss"

All seems hopeless
All seems lost

Is there no one who would count the cost and find
It worthy to stand and fight?
To push against the awful night
Of darkness pressing in
Around family
And again
One asks, "Is there no wall
To stay the rise of evil
Threatening to drown us all?

Take heart dear one, do not dread
Honor and valor are not dead
But beat true
In the chest of few
We call the Stronger Men

"Who is this man?" you ask with trepidation
"Who dares to stand his post, his station
Amidst the war that rages
Against our children of the coming generation?"

I will tell you without reservation
He is the solution to all the wrong
Here stands the Stronger Man

Here stands the SOLDIER, strong and brave
With a violent storm of fury saved
For evil alone, if it be so foolish
To act out on his watch

He’s the kind of man who answers the bell
Who does not flinch in the face of Hell
But stands his ground when wolves draw nigh
And warns them once with no delight
That if they should choose to pick a fight
He’ll finish it with strength and might
That thunders down upon their head
In sudden

A tender, gentle man was he
Until they picked a fight
And when they did, they woke a beast
Who battle for the weak and least
Of these and uses cunning warrior skills
To make battle on the evil shills
Who threatened, on his watch
The existence of Good and Peace

Here stands the ATHLETE, with sweat and strain
He wills his body to do again
What no mere mortal could appear to do
He digs down deep and finds anew
The drive to compete
The will to win

To push through pain
And strain to claim
The prize, the crown
The end to which he races
Drawing strength from all the familiar faces
Who line the way to his finish line
Towards which he pushes on

Here stands the FARMER,
Against the weather, against the odds
With a tether to the sod
That bites back with a curse

He tills the soil faithfully
And waters each and every tree
And plans for spring, but in the end
The harvest is the Lord‘s to tend

He does his part and rests his heart
The master is the one who starts
And finishes the whole affair
The Farmer is just sort of there
To watch God work and grow and bring
Fruit into reality

And with eyes fixed on future joys
He works hard growing men from boys
He lives for a harvest from different fields
His prayer is for eternal crops to yield
A harvest of souls

Here stands the SON, who’s been set free
By a Father’s love and liberty
His sin’s forgiven, his identity secure
By grace, he’s been made strong
And by grace, he will endure

He takes his seat at the family table
His confidence is restored, his heart now able
To give and receive with laughter and joy
The desire of men, the longing of boys
There is no gaping father wound here
He’s a son who knows he’s loved

Now lest you think we speak of four
Different men here in this lore
Of Soldier, Farmer, Athlete, Son
This is not four different men
But One
Here stands the Stronger Man

He knows well his duty, he is not clueless
He trains hard, he is not helpless,
He does his job, he is not powerless
He stands for principle, he is not cowardice

He is the image of God in action

He is Force for Good personified
The kind of man who turns the tide
Of evil on its head
Here stands the Stronger Man

To protect and defend is his chosen path
No matter the cost, no matter the wrath
That might come at him with odious intent
He'll die with energy and lifeblood spent
Before he gives an inch of ground
To evil

"Who is this Stronger Man?" You say

And how is it he’ll win the day
Back from the brink of insanity
Where wrong is right and liberty
Is trampled Under tyranny
And night grows darker still?

I’ll tell you who he is indeed
Find a mirror, look, see
This STRONGER MAN is you—is me
If only we would rise and be

Into the breach, we plunge headlong
When evil mounts its attack
This fortified city is ours to defend
We flinch not, fighting back

We hate not what wars against us
But rather

For King, for country, for women and children
We will battle and contend

Take heart! Hope rings!

There rises an army of Stronger Men

For honor and virtue, peace and justice
For good in all the land
There comes a warrior of special breed
Here stands the Stronger Man

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