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The McPhersons camping

21 Things My Dad Did Right (and you should do too)

June 1, 2022
Dad, I'm writing this to you. In your life I have found a road map for my own role as father. So I wanted to take a few moments and tell you thanks. 
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Man looking away

Here Stands The Stronger Man

May 22, 2022
Who is this man? You ask with trepidation who dares to stand his post, his station amidst the war that rages against our children of the coming generation
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Journal with Stronger Man Nation Values list

Stronger Man Values

May 6, 2022
So the only question left is...are your values good values?
Don't assume they all are.
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Couple holding hands

Win Your Girl, Then Keep Winning Her

May 6, 2022
" of my goals is to help her live a value-based life. Once these values are articulated, I can make sure she's getting time to live these out. We can shape a life together that's value-driven, not demand-driven; we can live an intentional life, not a reactionary life."
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Get a life vision - man writing in journal

Get a Life (Vision)

April 29, 2022
You need an articulate vision of who you want to be, what you are going to do with your life, and why you're choosing to do it.
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The McPherson men and their guns

Be a Good Dad, Give Your Kid a Gun

November 22, 2018
Safety. Responsibility. An incredible opportunity for a young boy to step toward being a grown man.
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Opening day - On foul balls and American spirit

On Foul Balls & The American Spirit

April 14, 2017
There's a reason why they call it our favorite pastime. It's not just the game, it's the history. The grass. The smells...The common love of a cherished game by people from all walks of life.
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The McPherson men on singing and dying

On Singing and Dying

December 4, 2013
To die in the presence of sons, daughters, and grandchildren, all thanking Jesus for the life you lived, is a goal worth striving for. 
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